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The Safe Driving

An overwhelming majority of accidents are caused by human factors, thereby enhancing the need for imparting safe driving essentials in road safety. It is an important element in any driving course.

Road Safety is the product of a complex system that involves interactions among the vehicle, the environment, and the road user. There are many ways to impact this system, including through road and traffic engineering, traffic legislation, driver training, traffic enforcement and post crash management. However, amongst all these, the behaviour of the road user, and specifically, the behaviour of the driver remains one of the most important, yet least understood, elements of safety on the road.

Safety on roads is dependent on several factors involving vehicle interactions, environment and road users, to name a few. Impact on road safety can be through several factors which are, road and traffic infrastructure, traffic rules / implementation / enforcement, driver training & disaster / accident management. But of prime importance but least well understood factor remains the human element that of the road user, specifically the driver, and this is where our courses / training come in handy to fill those gaps.

Our driver training programs help to improve road safety and to enhance employment prospects for youth in general. For logistics companies, this make a good sense to invest in these training courses which can lead to substantial reduction in vehicle damage or road mishaps thereby saving them time, manpower and money over the period the driver remains employed with them. Hence this is a win win situation for all.

Check list safe driving

  • The main causes of accidents
  • How to prevent accidents
  • Driving in difficult conditions
  • Increased awareness of risks
  • Increased safety for your drivers and other road users
  • Reduced risk of road accidents and injuries
  • Reduced risk of damage to goods and property

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