The Institute

TRIUM Consultants - Institute of Logistics Management is an innovative initiative taken by its founders to enable greater receptivity of
every individual driving on Indian roads towards prevailing rules and regulations. Designed primarily to help individuals cope with prevailing traffic conditions
and promote defensive driving, its objective is to inculcate increased sensitivity towards driving safely thereby securing the lives and property of all road users.
The Institute believes that the dissemination of correct information shall ensure effective management of resources,
considerably reducing in the process human loss as a result of rash driving.

Based on the concept that driving ability and driving skills of individuals are dependent on instinct, experience and behaviour pattern, the program is designed to enhance and sharpen skills of every driver. The Institute offers various courses which are both - condensed and intensive, adopting practices based on everyday situations, practical problems,etc., providing remedial measures to tackle them and equip participants to minimize human error.

The Institute is recognized by the Government of Maharashtra Vide Gazette notification no
MVR 0605 / 625 / CR - 35 / TRA - 2 issued on October 25, 2005.

Our Founders
Mr. Ebrahim Latif
Latif Gani & Sons Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Irfan Bhiwandiwala
Bhiwandiwala & Sons
Mr. Norbert Noronha
Thomas Transport Pvt. Ltd.

Our Objective

To impart information that will sharpen the skills of trainees

Decreased driving stress and help prevent accidents

Inculcate increased sensitivity to other road users

Enhance basic courtesy and attitude of drivers

User's Consideration towards fellow road users

Our Features

Course can be customized to meet requirements of organizations and participants.

The course covers behaviour patterns, polite manner by drivers when interacting with owners, customers, their staff and executives.

Precautions to be taken by staff whilst driving / operating vehicles

Special tips for two wheeler riders.



Anticipate situations and avoid their adverse consequences

Drive and stay alive

Practice Defensive Driving

Avoid collision with vehicles ahead and vehicles behind, oncoming vehicles and at intersections.

Overtake and be overtaken.

Understand the causes of the mystery crashes.

Avoid collisions with pedestrians, fixed objects, trains and animals.

Avoid accidents whilst reversing.

Our Faculty

Our principal Faculty Member Mr. P. N. Helekar underwent training at National Safety Council, Chicago, U.S.A. He has 45 years of experience in operation/
maintenance of a variety of self propelled equipment and motor vehicles. Other Faculty Members are well experienced in their respective disciplines. They are
trained and certified by Ashok Leyland, NOCIL as faculty. Our faculty has conducted over 1,000 courses in various parts of the country,
Credited with training over 25,000 drivers.

Our Benefits

Securing the lives of drivers, passengers and other road users

Saving time, material and money

Increased receptivity to observance of traffic rules and regulations

Greater consideration towards others by improved behaviour patterns

Improved driving skills result in

Our Infrastructure

Air-conditioned training hall to seat 27 trainees

Amplifier and collar microphones.


Magnetic board

Overhead system for projection of VCD, DVD with screen

Soft boards for poster displays.


Syllabus for Course 1 and Course 2 is in conformity with the provision of Rule 9, Central Motor Vehicle Rules Certificates containing due particulars of successful candidates shall be issued by TRIUM Consultants and
shall form the basis for endorsement of licenses by the appropriate R.T.O.
Candidates participating in Course 1 and Course 2 shall be required to undergo medicals.


Institute of Logistics Management is an innovative initiative taken by its founders to enable.

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